Asymmetrical ac motor driven by multiphase-multilevel inverter | 3476
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Journal of Physical Chemistry & Biophysics
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Asymmetrical ac motor driven by multiphase-multilevel inverter

International Conference and Trade fair on Laser Technology

July 20-22, 2015 Orlando, Florida, USA


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Abstract :

Presentation focused on a novel multiphase-multilevel ac motor drive system much suitable for low-voltage, high-current power applications. In specific, six-phase asymmetrical induction motor with open-end stator winding configuration, fed from four standard two-level threephase voltage source inverters (VSIs). Attention will be also focused on novel synchronous reference (rotating) frame control algorithm shares the total dc source power among the 4 VSIs in each switching cycle with three degree of freedom. Precisely, first degree of freedom concerns with the current sharing between two three- phase stator windings, second and third relates to voltage sharing between four inverters. Complete model of whole ac motor drive based on three-phase space vector decomposition approach will be delivered based on development in PLECS �?? numerical simulation software working in MATLAB environment along with closed control aspect. Further, simulation results will be discussed in detail to show symmetrical and asymmetrical, power sharing conditions. Finally, focuses on hardware prototype model implementation of multiphase-multilevel inverterwith two passive three-phase open-winding loads based on TMS320F2812 DSP controller.