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Areola micropigmentation as a completion of medical procedures

13th Global Dermatologists Congress

July 23- 24, 2018 | Moscow, Russia

Sylwia Nawrot andSlywia Dobrowolska

Amezink Aerola, Poland

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Clin Exp Dermatol Res

Abstract :

Corrective permanent makeup, colloquially referred to permanent makeup, is among others, a supportive form of a surgical treatment, in cases when the cosmetic and aesthetic effects of surgical procedures are unacceptable to patients. The task of permanent make-up is to restore a natural, healthy look. Corrective makeup therapy is an important supportive method of a long-term medical treatment, as well as a therapeutic alternative for patients. It is especially important because patient´┐Ż??s psychological satisfaction is an important factor increasing the effectiveness of medical treatment and allows the patient to recover faster. One of the forms of such therapy may be non-surgical reconstruction of areolas and nipples with dynamically developing techniques of medical pigmentation. Breast reconstruction surgery allows women after mastectomy to regain the psychological well-being. Research shows that more and more women are deciding to have a breast reconstructed procedure. Bust reconstruction surgery is a multi-factorial process, which consists mainly of reconstructing breast prominence and creating symmetry in relation to the other breast. Breast reconstruction is usually performed on women after breast amputation due to cancer or women affected by Poland syndrome characterized by unilateral hypoplasia (incomplete development) or aplasia (absence) of the chest muscles and areolas, as well as after chest burns. Reconstruction of the natural appearance of the chest is extremely important for aesthetic and physical as well as psychological reasons. There are a lot of reasons why women decide to have a breast reconstruction procedure, but the most important thing is a return to their normal body structure and getting rid of memories related to the illness. It creates a chance for effective rehabilitation and full return to functioning in a society. Reconstructive surgery treatments sometimes are finished with the surgical reconstruction of areolas. But often happens that the effect does not give the patient satisfaction and the colour become pale and disappears completely, which forces to the search for other corrective methods. One of the less invasive techniques of non-surgical reconstruction of the areola is the micropigmentation which is the injection of a pigment directly under the epidermis with a needle, and thus the result is the pigmentary reconstruction of the breast gland structures. The aim of the work is to show the effects of pigmentation and general principles of the procedure, with particular emphasis of the latest technique of work in medical and aesthetic pigmentation.

Biography :

PhD Sylwia Nawrot Doctor of cosmetology in Poznan University of Medical Sciences, visagist, stylist, specialist in micropigmentation and health promoter, creator of several author’s techniques with more than 10-years of work experience. Sylwia Dobrowolska Visagist, nailart specialist, PMU master, creator of several author’s techniques. Specialist in microblading, trichopigmentation, Rejuvi Tattoo Removal method and needling.