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Archetypal energies as a framework for resilience and optimal mental health

17th World Summit on Positive Psychology, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioral Sciences

May 01-03, 2017 Toronto, Canada

Carroy (Cuf) Ferguson

University of Massachusetts, USA

Keynote: J Psychol Psychother

Abstract :

The focus of this presentation is to call attention to what I call Archetypal Energies in my newest book, â�?�?Evolving The Human Race Gameâ�?, and to discuss how they can be used as a framework for resilience and optimal mental health. The book received the 2016 Living Now Evergreen Best Book Bronze Medal Award for Spiritual Leadership. In the book, Archetypal Energies, transcending all cultures, are defined as Higher Vibrational Energies that operate deep within our psyches, at both individual and collective levels. We tend to experience them as â�?�?creative urgesâ�? to move us toward our optimal selves and optimal realities. Easily recognized terms are used to evoke a common sense of these Archetypal Energies (e.g., Trust, Love, Acceptance, Harmony, Inclusion, Patience, Wisdom, Courage, Truth). There are three types of Archetypal Energies (overall 25 of them) that establish a healthy disposition for growth and resilience. Each Archetypal Energy has its own transcendent value, purpose, quality, and â�?�?voiceâ�? unique to the individual. To illustrate the links among Archetypal Energies, resilience, and optimal mental health, I will use as a case study the experience of African Americans in the United States. To assist in understanding the case study, psycho-historical themes and research findings will be drawn from: (a) Psycho-historical information and original essays in my book, â�?�?Transitions in Consciousness from an African American Perspectiveâ�? (e.g., Chapter 2, â�?�?Toward A Psychology of Black Mental Healthâ�?); (b) The literature and research on resilience (e.g., Liebenberg & Ungerâ�?�?s â�?�?Resilience In Actionâ�?); and (c) My other writings related to choice (e.g., â�?�?The Power of â�?�?Yesâ�?�? and â�?�?Noâ�?�?: The Relation To Consciousness, Probable Realities, and â�?�?E-motionsâ�?�?â�?) and healing wounds in the psyche (e.g., â�?�?Healing Our Race-Linked Woundsâ�?). Relevant mental health and resiliency tools and strategies for accessing Archetypal Energies will also be identified.

Biography :

Carroy (Cuf) Ferguson holds a PhD in Psychology from Boston College. He is a Tenured Professor, former Dean, and currently human Service Internship Coordinator at University of Massachusetts-Boston. In 2006, he made history by becoming the first African-American President of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, and is currently in that role again. He is an Author of books and articles; a Clinical Practitioner; Associate Editor in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology and co-Founder of two visionary organizations (Associates in Human Understanding; Interculture, Inc.). His forthcoming book is titled, “Living In Synchronicity: A Prequel To Evolving The Human Race Game”.