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An overview of the Ayurvedic system of Herbology and the role of herbs in the treatment of cancer

Global Summit on Herbals & Natural Remedies

October 26-27, 2015 Chicago, USA

Marc Halpern

California College of Ayurveda, USA

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Abstract :

Ayurveda is arguably the oldest, intact, system of medicine in the world. With origins in the earliest writings of the Rig Veda, the knowledge of Ayurveda dates back nearly 5000 years. As Ayurveda evolved in India, it influenced many other systems of medicine including; traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine and the ancient Greek system of Medicine. For this reason, Ayurveda has been stated to be the Mother of all Systems of Healing. Ayurveda incorporates many modalities including dietary, lifestyle, herbal, ritual, color, aroma and massage and other body-centered therapies the herbal knowledge of Ayurveda is as old as the system of medicine itself with the earliest references to herbs found in the Rig Veda. This knowledge was expanded in the Yajur Veda and then compiled and expanded time and time again by later teachers. In addition to the herbal medicines and formulations found in the classical Ayurvedic texts (Caraka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, Ashtang Hrdayam, Ashtang Samgraha, Sarangadhara Samhita, Madhava Nidanan, Cakradatta, Kashyap Samhita, etc.), there are innumerable family lineages of herbal knowledge. While Ayurvedic herbal knowledge is codified in the language of Sanskrit and applied to herbs from India, the knowledge of Ayurveda is applicable to herbs from any part of the World. Ayurvedic herbalism is way of understanding the usefulness of herbs. It is not limited to any location. Though herbs from India are often called â�?�?Ayurvedicâ�?, they only become Ayurvedic when used in accordance with the Ayurvedic system of medicine. Likewise, they may be approached through an understanding of the Chinese, Allopathic or any other system of medicine. My program will focus mostly on herbs from India that are useful in the treatment of cancer. Iâ�?�?ll discuss both common and uncommon herbs. Iâ�?�?ll include a couple of Western herbs as well, but explore their use from the Ayurvedic perspective and demonstrate how this leads to a deeper understanding of the herb and how its usefulness can be refined. The program will begin with a quick overview of the Ayurvedic system of Herbology. This is called â�?�?Dravya Guna Vijnanamâ�?. This will allow me to discuss the herbs in the unique context of Ayurveda.

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