Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
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Alternative therapy in Diabetes with Novel Herbal Composition

5th International Conference & Exhibition on Herbal & Traditional Medicine

November 05-06, 2018 | London, UK

Shridhar J Pandya, M.Pharm

Research head, Orange Organic Pharma-India

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Abstract :

Diabetes is wildly spreadable and metabolic disease, which cannot be easily managed with single line of treatment. Now risk of diabetes and specially symptoms problems is going to increased day by day. Patient???s satisfaction is major limitation with allopathic or insulin because it can???t able to give symptomatic relief in diabetes. Alternative therapies like herbal supplements, diet plan according to glycemic index is necessary along with any line of treatment. Number of patients tries themselves for different ayurvedic tips to control or manage diabetes, but they can???t satisfy due to unpleasant taste or smell for daily consumption. Number of herbal industries are using extract to formulate capsule dosage, 500mg dose is not sufficient as a single dose and gelatin is not good for long term use and due to low dense water soluble extract it???s very difficult to convert in tablet dosage form by wet granulation and some extract like can???t be effective for any disease due to its insolubility. Granulation is a part before tableting and it is innovatively formulated with our inventive process. Our herbal tablet is formulated with Improve solubility of each and every herbal consituents using innovative granulation techniques and excipients combination & hence Improve absorption rate also leads to high therapeutically effect. It is very beneficial to control type-1 and type-2 diabetes and also helpful to reduce or stop other medicines and insulin.

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