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Accessory papillary muscle of heart- a case report

2nd International conference on Surgery and Anaesthesia - May 26-27, 2022 | Webinar

May 26-27, 2022 | Webinar

Debajani deka

MBBS - Assam Medical College & Hospital, India

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Abstract :

Eilenberg in 1863, had first reported Sprengels deformity, a rare congenital anomaly of the scapula [1]. Sprengel described it in 1891, and hence this deformity got its name [2]. Autosomal dominanti nnheritance has been reported for this abnormality. Abnormal descent of the scapula during 9th to 12th weeks of gestation leads to this congenital anomaly [3]. It’s a cosmetic deformity. Elevation of scapula is the characteristic feature. The patient will be having a lump at the back of the neck and may have restricted movements of the shoulder or arm. The affected scapula gets rotated on its sagittal axis. The superior and the inferior vertebral border comes nearer to the medial line and to the axilla respectively. Severity of Sprengel’s has a wide range; from being almost invisible when covered with clothes to the shoulder being elevated over 5 cms along with the presence of webbing of neck. This congenital deformity can be associated with other musculoskeletal abnormalities (like Klippel-Feil syndrome, scoliosis and rib anomalies) too [4].Surgical management is considered for severe cases. Surgical management involves excisionof the protruding portion of scapula and inferior translation of scapula. This enhancesshoulder functions as well as general appearance of the patient [5]. Study on Sprengel’sdeformity and its knowledge is important so that it is not confused with other musculoskeletal disorders. Else, this confusion can be grave for the patient, leading to the correct plan.

Biography :

Debajani Deka MBBS- Assam Medical College & Hospital , Dibrugarh, Assam Junior resident doctor- LGB Regional Institute of Mental Health NRHM- Medical Officer. (2010, march-2011, march Assam Medical College & Hospital – Demonstrator. (Anatomy)(2015 july-2017 January) All India institute of medical sciences , bhopal 2018, April-2019, April) All India Institute of Medical Sciences, jodhpur,(Senior Resident). (2019-august – 2020, September)Gauhati Medical College & Hospital, guwahati.(Demonstrator). (2021, February- till date). ISSN research bibhusan award. Youngest Best Researcher award. Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Best Faculty Award. Dr APJ Abdulkalam life time achievement award. Rashtriya Gaurav top30 Icon Award. Worlds surgeons & neurocare webinar 2021 award. (USA) best E-poster-2nd International Conference on Surgery& amp; anaesthesia. (UK) Work shope - All India Institute of Medical Sciences Raipur. 2017 World surgeon congress (USA)- one next2022(Guest speaker) one national indexed (NJCA) 9 international(one pubmed) open access and indexed.3 accepted at Pub med. Basics of cardiovascular system – anatomy and physiology (JP Publishers)(accepted).