Absorption coefficient of carbon dioxide near earth surface | 57418
Journal of Fundamentals of Renewable Energy and Applications

Journal of Fundamentals of Renewable Energy and Applications
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ISSN: 2090-4541

Absorption coefficient of carbon dioxide near earth surface

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June 14-16, 2018 | London, UK

Wei Peng Sheng

National Sun Yat Sen University, Taiwan

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Abstract :

Absorption coefficient of emission gases of carbon dioxide responsible for temperature in the troposphere layer, which is less than the altitude of 10 km in the atmosphere, is presented in this work. It has been well known that the solar irradiation within short wavelength range near the visible range can be absorbed, scattered and transmitted by the atmosphere and absorbed and reflected by the earth ground. The ground emits radiation in the ranges of long wavelengths. In the presence of carbon dioxide and other emission gases, the atmosphere acting as the glass of a greenhouse increases temperature of the atmosphere. Even though global warming strongly affects the life of the human being, the cause of global warming is still controversial. This work thus establishes a fundamental, systematical and quantitative analysis of absorption coefficient of carbon dioxide in the troposphere layer. Absorptions of carbon dioxide are considered in bands centered at 15, 10.4, 9.4, 4.3, 2.7 and 2 micro meters. The predicted absorptions agree with experimental and theoretical results in exponential wide band model.

Biography :

Wei Peng Sheng received PhD in Mechanical Engineering Department at University of California, Davis, USA in 1984. He has been a Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering of National Sun Yat Sen University, Taiwan, since 1989. He has contributed to application of heat transfer in manufacturing and materials processing, and atmospheric phenomena. He has published more than 90 SCI journal papers, given keynote or invited speeches in international conferences more than 120 times. He is a Fellow of American Welding Society (AWS) in 2007 and a Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineering (2000). He also received the Outstanding Research Achievement Awards from both the National Science Council (2004), and NSYSU (1991, 2001, 2004), the Outstanding Scholar Research Project Winner Award from National Science Council (2008), the Adams Memorial Membership Award from AWS (2008), the Warren F Savage Memorial Award from AWS (2012) and the William Irrgang Memorial Award from AWS (2014). He has been the Xi-Wan Chair Professor of NSYSU since 2009 and was an invited Distinguished Professor at the Beijing University of Technology, China (2015-2017).