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A systemic review: Relation between diet and cardiovascular risk factors

8th Global Cardiologists & Echocardiography Annual Meeting

July 18-20, 2016 Berlin, Germany

Deepak Singh Bais, Wenliang Che and Liang Xiao

Tongji University School of Medicine, China
Second Military Medical University, China

Posters & Accepted Abstracts: J Clin Exp Cardiolog

Abstract :

Background: At present, the role of diet has been defiend to develop and prevent cardiovasular disease. The study aim was to address the association between diet and cardiovascular risk among population. Methods: A critical literature review was carried out using a personal research literature collection, MEDICINE 1993-2015 and citations from references. Result: Of 23 studies, the risk of heart attack, coronary artery disease and coronary death is associated with abnormal blood lipid (ABL) levels. ABL are pertinent with diet, which is corelated with Cholestrol levels, And Cholestrol levels increace due to high volume of Trans and saturated fats. Saturated fat intake should not exceed 10% of total energy and for high-risk groups, like people with diabetes, total fat intake should be 7% or less of total energy. Sodium intake should be 1g of a day, which gives the 50% downgrding of hypertension, 22% stroke and 16% coronary heart disease. A rich diet with vegetables and fresh fruits protects heart. 20% of cardiovascular disease worldwide is related with low-set of vegetables and fruits intake. Conclusions: Our results support a major association between overall diet and risk of cardiovascular disease. It can be concluded that a diet low in saturated and Tran��?s fatty acids and rich in plant foods in combination with regular fish consumption is associated with a low risk of cardiovascular mortality.

Biography :

Born in India and Educated in China, Dr. Deepak Singh Bais is a Master Degree student at Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China. He is a fellow member of American College of Physicians, USA and Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, Japan. Actively engaged in research, he has been a successful researcher and has won several awards and grants for his excellent research. He has published several papers in International Journals. In addition. He has edited books and has contributed to book chapters. He is a frequently invited speaker and modertor at the national and international conferences.