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Advances in  Automobile Engineering

Advances in Automobile Engineering
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A novel four wheel vehicle

2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Automobile Engineering

December 01-02, 2016 Valencia, Spain

Santiranjan Pramanik and S S Thipse

Symbiosis International University, India

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Abstract :

A new arrangement of wheel location has been considered for a four wheel vehicle so that the turning radius can be reduced greatly. The front axle is to use one wheel only instead of two wheels of a conventional vehicle. The middle axle is to use two wheels and the rear axle is to use one wheel. The single wheels of the front and rear axle will be placed at the mid position so that the arrangement becomes symmetrical. This arrangement helps us to follow the law of correct steering for all angular positions. The steering mechanism will be such that the front and rear wheels will rotate equal amount but in opposite directions. A crossed four bar mechanism has been used to rotate the front and rear wheel while the vehicle is taking a turn. The rotation of each wheel will be 30 degree and the maximum steering error is 0.2 degree only. The wheels on the middle axle will not be rotated due to steering but are connected to the differential gear box to transmit motion. The intersection of the front and rear wheel axis will be always on the axis of the middle axle. Hence pure rolling will take place while the vehicle is taking a turn. The design enhances the life of the tires and parking of this vehicle will be easier. Each wheel of the middle axle shall have two tires so that it can bear more load and increases stability of the vehicle while taking a turn.

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