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Journal of Women's Health Care

Journal of Women's Health Care
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A New Paradigm in Women's Healthcare

International Conference and Expo on Women And Reproductive Health

June 02, 2022 | Webinar

Kimon Angelides

Executive Chairman and CEO of FemTec Health

Keynote: J Women’s Health Care

Abstract :

Women’s health is an integral part of society's success. Women represent the cornerstone of a community and often times the family's overall health. The time has come for visionaries within the health and wellness industries to transform and put women at the center of the conversation. According to the New York Times, the global femtech industry generated over $820 million in global revenue and received over $600 million in venture capital investment in 2019. Only 4% of healthcare R&D funding is targeted at women’s health according to Femtech Analytics, while women spend on average 21% more than men on healthcare and make 90% of healthcare decisions. These numbers illustrate both the potential for this market, but also the shortcomings when it comes to women’s healthcare. The starting point is holistic data to really understand a woman's healthcare needs and then smart technology like AI and predictive analytics to translate the data into actionable outcomes. This means clinical research and studies dedicated to women’s bodies and physiology. It means embracing advances in technology to scale personalized healthcare for women at every stage of their life cycle. In this address, I will bring forth new and innovative approaches to women’s health through smart technology that addresses and personalizes both products and services that are not only matched to the unique biology of a woman but also to the stage and state of her health. This personalization is and will be the cornerstone to providing the care that every woman deserves at all life stages. If COVID-19 has taught us anything it’s that healthcare touches every facet of our lives from economic and job security to mental health, education and access to affordable medicine and care. Women are now at the center, not only as they affect the workforce, but as mothers, caregivers, breadwinners and the beating heart of families. The question is not, if we should shift our paradigm, but how quickly we can get it done?

Biography :

Kimon Angelides is the founder of six healthcare companies: FemTec Health, Merlin LifeSciences, Vivante Health, EosHealth renamed Livongo (NASDAQ: LVGO) and debuted in July 2019 with a $355M IPO at a $4.4B valuation and recently by Teladoc for $18.5B, DiabetesAmerica, a network of diabetes centers that pioneered bundled payment, provider risk models, and the first remote monitoring of patients, and mAbGen, a cancer biotech company that partnered with world-renowned MDAnderson Cancer Center and was acquired by Valeant Pharmaceuticals. Kimon recently received the 2020 Founder of the Year Award from Rock Health, Goldman Sachs, and PacWest Bank for his contributions and work in digital medicine. Kimon’s newest company, FemTec Health was created in 2020 to bring together all the product and services to create a total healthcare experience for woman and to tackle some of the most complex health conditions using state of the art technologies. The company has taken a multidisciplinary approach using digital therapeutics, diagnostics and discovery medicine, devices, and analytics, all taken to enhance and celebrate women’s health and to break some of the taboos associated with women’s sexual wellness. Vivante Health, that Kimon founded in 2016 after Livongo was formed to meet the needs of people who have invisible and stigmatized diseases, starting with digestive health using new advances and innovations in digital health, telemedicine, and biometric devices. . He has a PhD in Bio-organic Chemistry from the University of California and has graduate work in business, laws, and public health.