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Transcriptomics: Open Access

Transcriptomics: Open Access
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Transcriptional regulation is a critical biological process that allows the cell or an organism to respond to a variety of intra- and extra-cellular signals, to define cell identity during development, to maintain it throughout its lifetime, and to coordinate cellular activity. This highly dynamic mechanism includes a series of biophysical events orchestrated by a huge number of molecules establishing larger networks and occurring through multiple temporal and functional steps that range from specific DNA-protein interactions to the recruitment and assembly of nucleoprotein complexes. Essentially, the key transcription levels include the recruitment and assembly of the entire transcription machinery, the initiation step, pause release and elongation phases, as well as termination of transcription. Additionally, these steps are interconnected with governing chromatin accessibility (such as the unwrapping process, which is controlled by histone modification and chromatin remodeling proteins), and other epigenetic mechanisms (such as enhancer-promoter looping, which is necessary for a successful gene transcription). Finally, various RNA maturation events, such as the splicing that occurs with transcription, constitute an additional level of complexity.

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