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Formally, a Lie superalgebra is a nonassociative Z2-graded algebra, or superalgebra, over a commutative ring (typically R or C) whose product [·, ·], called the Lie superbracket or supercommutator, satisfies the two conditions (analogs of the usual Lie algebra axioms, with grading):Super skew-symmetry:{\displaystyle [x,y]=-(-1)^{|x||y|}[y,x].\ }[x,y]=-(-1)^{|x| |y|}[y,x].\ The super Jacobi identity: {\displaystyle (-1)^{|x||z|}[x,[y,z]]+(-1)^{|y||x|}[y,[z,x]]+(-1)^{|z||y|}[z,[x,y]]=0,}{\displaystyle (-1)^{|x||z|}[x,[y,z]]+(-1)^{|y||x|}[y,[z,x]]+(-1)^{|z||y|}[z,[x,y]]=0,} where x, y, and z are pure in the Z2-grading. Here, |x| denotes the degree of x (either 0 or 1). The degree of [x,y] is the sum of degree of x and y modulo 2.

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