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Post Abortion Care Research Articles

The WHO PCPNC outlines the key clinical examinations, treatment, and care that should be provided to a woman who has experienced bleeding in early pregnancy or an abortion. Some women prefer to rest for a few days, especially if they feel tired. It is normal for women to experience some vaginal bleeding (light, menstrual-like bleeding or spotting) for several weeks after an abortion. Some pain is normal after an abortion, as the uterus is contracting. In addition to these women may need to discuss issues related to resuming sexual relations. Some women may not want to have sexual intercourse for some time afterward. This may continue even after she has physically recovered. These feelings may be complex and represent fear of getting pregnant again, or grief or guilt related to a spontaneous or induced abortion. The counselor should try to provide support around this issue, starting with acknowledging to the woman that this is a well-known effect after an abortion.


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