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Journal of Clinical Toxicology

Journal of Clinical Toxicology
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Open Access Journals In Toxicology

The Toxicology Open Access Journal is a Scholarly journal that deals with the study of xenobiotic and also study toxic effects of agents (drugs) whose purpose is to provide relief or prevent a disease. Toxicology is a branch of science & medicine that is concerned with the study of adverse effects caused by chemical on living organisms. The journal addresses both scientific research and clinical advances in toxicology. The Journal of Toxicology accepts all types of articles like research, review, case reports, commentaries, hypotheses, meeting reports and short reports. Open Access Journal of Toxicology is a peer reviewed, international online publishing scientific journal. This Journal focuses mostly on the study of adverse effects of xenobiotics on the health of humans and animals and impact on safety estimation and hazard evaluation. This journal aims towards publishing original research articles, review articles, Short Communications, Case Reports, Mini- Reviews, Opinions, Letter to Editors, etc., related to the adverse effects of chemicals on living organisms and clinical studies in all areas of toxicology. The goal of the journal is to advance the scientific understanding of mechanisms of toxicity.The Toxicology Open Access is peer-reviewed scientific journal that dealing with articles on different aspects of Toxicology Reports, Toxicology Tests, Developmental Toxicology, Chemical Toxicology, pesticidal Toxicology, Toxicogenomics, Chemical Toxicology, Reproductive Toxicology, Toxicological sciences, Environmental Toxicology, Skin Toxicology, Cardiac toxicity, Renal Toxicity, Nano Toxicology, Lung toxicity, Drug toxicity, Heavy metal toxicity, Aflatoxins, Tetanus toxin, Toxicology, Industrial Toxicology, Heavy Metal Toxins, Pesticide Toxicology, Industrial Hygiene Toxicology, Metal Toxicology, Cadmium Toxicology, Insecticides Toxicology and Benzene Toxicology.

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