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Journal of Molecular Pathology and Biochemistry

Journal of Molecular Pathology and Biochemistry
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Molecular Biology is the science that aims to understand biological activity at the molecular level. These biological activities usually involve the plant or animal cell, and the nucleic acids and proteins that are at work within the cell.  Molecular Biologists use some standard techniques that have been optimized over many years. These basic techniques can also be employed by scientists from many different areas of research and applied science.

The following is a free guide that introduces these classic molecular biology techniques (for bacteria, unless otherwise noted). Through each workflow, we provide background information, protocols, references to peer-reviewed literature, and help selecting reagents for your application.  Protocols for the use of a specific product are still available on the product pages.  We have also developed many other resources you may find helpful:Synthetic Biology Resources - a collection of articles, posters and reviews. Also find links to the synthetic biology community and some great free tools.Cell Culture Manual - A manual covering the basics of eukaryotic cell culture. Introduction to basic techniques, protocols, and product selection guides all in one place.qPCR Technical Guide - A guide to understanding qPCR, designing probes and primers, optimizing and troubleshooting your assays