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Cancer Biology Open Access Articles

Cancer describes an uncontrolled cellular growth of cell due to malfunctioning of contact inhibition property. It decreases the mechanism of immune system. Broadly divided into benign tumors or malignant tumors.In this study, we examined histopathologically the tumour components or combinations of those components and analysed to changes of pathological findings with aging within the patients diagnosed with testicular mixed reproductive cell tumour (MGCT) within the last 10 years.Within melanoma tumors are alittle subpopulation of cells called cancer stem cells (CSC). they will be categorized by two fundamental properties, self-renewal and differentiation. MGCT whose data were fully available were included within the study.CSC play an important role in metastasis, tumor relapse and chemotherapeutic resistance. Here we identified compounds that appear to specifically target the melanoma CSC population. B16F10 mouse melanoma cells treated with synthetic compounds SK0408 or SK0459 first showed reduction of proliferation within the MTT and anti-phophohistone H3 immunostaining assays.

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