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Bioinsecticides Top Journals

The delivery of bioinsecticide macromolecules requires the use of biological vectors expressing their coding genes, or of suitable formulations allowing the environmental distribution of recombina proteins. There is a substantial dichotomy between bioactive molecules targeting receptors exposed in the gut lumen and those that have to reach receptors located within or behind the gut epithelium. Those in the first category, exerting their activity in the gut lumen, can allow the use of oral delivery strategies, while the others are much more efficiently delivered via insect-specific symbionts and pathogens (Inceoglu et al., 2006; Whetstone and Hammock, 2007). Insect pathogenic viruses belonging to the family of Baculoviridae have received considerable attention, as the relatively easy manipulation of their genome allows enhancement of the virulence of transgenic strains by expressing toxic molecules which increase their speed of killing, or that may broaden the host range.

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