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Short Communication - (2021)Volume 10, Issue 2

A Detailed Study on Birth Control, Family Planning and the Contraceptive Methods in Both Men and Women

Stella Talliligan

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Men who feel stressed area unit additional possible to possess lower concentrations of spermatozoon in their ejaculate, and also the spermatozoon they need area unit additional possible to be deformed or have impaired motility," says senior author Pam Factor-Litvak, PhD, professor of medical specialty at the letter carrier college of Public Health. Spermatozoon like the 94–95 degree F varies best however will tolerate a number of degrees in either direction before they begin to go away. However here's the (um) rub. They do not all simply cash in one's chips right away after they hit ninety six degrees. In specimens of seminal fluid unbroken at thirty seven degrees C spermatozoon lose their motility and viability. If unbroken at four degrees C they preserve their viability however lose their motility from supposed thermal shock. Ideally, spermatozoon production happens at around ninety three.2ºF (34ºC). This is 5.4ºF (3ºC) below traditional blood heat of ninety eight.6ºF (37ºC). However your testicles will get too cold permanently spermatozoon production, too. Cold temperatures cause the pocket and testicles to retreat up toward the body.

The spermatozoon nature of idle men was likewise not up to that of utilized men. Sperm, the smallest cell in a human body, structure by the billions at temperatures beneath internal heat level and area unit created during the entire grown-up expectancy. Eggs, the most important cells in a human body, area unit formed within, wherever a gradual temperature is preserved, and area unit created clearly quickly throughout fetal flip of events. info introduced in several papers suggest that in our own way egg and spermatozoon grow distinctively is in however firmly they management the capability of transportable deoxyribonucleic acid parts, that area unit otherwise known as 'bouncing qualities' or transposons, to maneuver within the ordination, and the way delicate to heat pressure those systems area unit in preclusion that development.

"The element by that stress influences the character of seminal fluid is not utterly seen at this time. As per scientists, stress could cause the arrival of steroid hormones, as an example, glucocorticoids, which might diminish androgen levels even as spermatozoon creation. Europhilic pressure is another probability and has been found to unfavorably have an effect on seminal fluid and spermatozoon quality and richness. Apart from the association between the character of semen/sperm and stress, one examination zeroed in on the abstract even as target analysis of stress and affirmed the near relationship among stress and spermatozoon focus, look and motility in seminal fluid. We have a tendency to be tuned in to the actual fact that spermatozoon development is incredibly sensitive to raised temperature, whereas egg development isn't affected.

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Stella Talliligan
1Department of Gynecology, Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences, India

Citation: Joy E (2021) A Detailed Study on Birth Control, Family Planning and the Contraceptive Methods in Both Men and Women. Fam Med Med Sci Res 10:266. doi: 10.35248/2327-4972.21.10.266.

Received: 10-Feb-2021 Accepted: 18-Feb-2021 Published: 25-Feb-2021 , DOI: 10.35248/2327-4972.21.10.266

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