A Brief Evaluation and Image formation of Pediatrics Nutritional
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Opinion Article - (2016) Volume 2, Issue 2

A Brief Evaluation and Image formation of Pediatrics Nutritional Forum in Opinion Sector

Disouja Wills*
Nutritonal Sciences, Christian Universita degli studo, Italy
*Corresponding Author: Disouja Wills, Nutritonal Sciences, Christian Universita degli studo, Italy Email:


Severe most and one of the main global threat is Nutritional disorders to backward countries, with respect to this issue WHO involved and trying to overcome this issue with the Co-ordination of INF and BNF. International Nutrition Foundation and British Nutrition Foundation, development in weight gain through proper nutrition and proper immune mechanism in the kids is their main role to eradicate and overcome nutritional problems in world.


Keywords: INF; BNF; Malnutrition; Merasmus; Rickets; Weight loss; Paediatric health issue


In the mankind a respective one health and weight gain is fully based on perfect nutritional intake which he is having daily, poor diet will show the improper impact and injury to the some of the systems in the body, total health also in some times. Blindness, Scurvy, Rickets will be caused by nutritional deficiency disorders only, mainly in kids. Kwashiorkar and Merasmus are the filthy low nutritional diseases, who are completely intolerant by kids. Malnutrition will ruin the health of kids completely in their early stage of life itself.

List of Diseases with Respect to Nutritional Disorders

Vitamin D – Rickets

Vitamin C – Scurvey

Iron Deficiency – Blood loss

Iron over load – Hemochromatosis

Vitamin A - Xerapthalmia

Thiamine – Beri beri

Iodine – Goitre (Figures 1-6)


Figure 1: Pellagra deficiency.

Precautions to Avoid Nutrition Deficiency in Paediatrics

Respective disease having respective deficiency dis order but in the case of nutritional diseases. Proper nutrition is the only thing to cure nutritional disorders. Providing sufficient diet like fish, meat, egg, milk to malnourished kids and consuming beef, fish liver oil, sheep meat, boiled eggs from the age of 3 itself (Tables 1 and 2).


Figure 2: Scurvey deficiency.


Figure 3:Rickets disease.


Figure 4:Vitamin K deficiency.


Figure 5:Paediatric nutrition chart.


Figure 6:Essential nutrition chart.

Vitamins Diseases Symptoms
Vitamin A Night Blindness Poor and Loss of Night Vision
Vitamin B BeriBeri Nervousness, Paralysis
Vitamin C Scurvy Bleeding of Gums,
Vitamin D Rickets Weak Bones, Decaying Teeth
Vitamin K Haemorrhage Clotting of Blood Affected

Table 1: Table of deficiency due to vitamin.

Disease Vitamin Deficiency Scientific Name Natural Foods
Scurvy C Ascorbic Acid Oranges, Straw Berry
Rickets D Calciferol Egg Yolk, Live Oil
Pellagra B3 Niacin and Tryptophan Peanuts, Chicken
BeriBeri B1 Thiamine Peas, Fish, Rice
Night Blindness A Retinol Carrot, Sweet Potatoes

Table 2: Natural foods to avoid vitamin deficiency.

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