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Journal of Glycomics & Lipidomics
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Yehia Mechref

Yehia Mechref

Yehia Mechref, PhD
Director, National Center for Glycomics and Glycoproteomics
Indiana University, USA


Dr Mechref′s lab is focusing their research on glycomics and glycoproteomics in search for biomarkers to more accurately detect cancers and track their progression Prostate cancer is one of the major points of study within the lab because the standard assay used to test for prostate cancer is at best 50 accurate Dr Mechref and his colleagues are out to increase those odds By tracking glycoproteins Dr Mechref has the ability to identify cancers earlier in their proliferation In the interview we went into Dr Mechref′s many appointments As the Director of the METACyt Biochemical analysis center Dr Mechref is developing high resolution and ultra sensitive bio anylnyltical separation techniques As glycobiologists continue to hone their craft and look deeper into the functions on a cellular level they are continually in need of higher specificity with their lab tools And Dr Mecref is heading up these developments.

Research Interest

Cancer Biomarkers, Mutational Research