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Enzyme Engineering
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Venkatesh Balan

Venkatesh Balan

Venkatesh Balan
Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Material Science
Michigan State University, USA


Venkatesh Balan has about 15 years experience in research and have worked in 5 different laboratories. Have got prestigious Japanese Society for promotion of Science (JSPS) fellowship twice in Japan. He is a part of Consortium of Applied Fundamental Innovation (CAFI) group of researchers from 5 universities, 1 National Institute and private companies which are well known for developing pretreatment technologies in USA. He was also a part of Midwest Consortium (MWC) which is well known for developing technologies to produce value added products to Dry Distillers Grain in Midwest, USA. At present, he is the Coordinator for 3 projects in Great Lakes Bioenergy Center (GLBRC). So far, he has given guidance to about 8 postdoctoral student/visitors and currently, giving guidance to 4 graduate students. Has presented his research work in several International conferences and published about 50 scientific articles in well known International journals. He has also filed 10 patent applications while working at Michigan State University. In addition, he had Entrepreneurial experience by owning a Mushroom Production Center in Chennai, India since 2004.

Research Interest

(a) Spectroscopic Studies on Haemoglobin
(b) Studies on Genetically Engineered Haemoglobin
(c) Modification of Cellulase by Genetic Engineering
(d) Studies on Refolding of Luciferases with the help of Chaperones
(e) Fuels and Chemicals from Biomass
(f) Extraction of Protein and Value added Products from Biomass
(g) Pretreated material as animal feed.