Journal of Geography  & Natural Disasters

Journal of Geography  & Natural Disasters
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Tim G. Frazier

Tim G. Frazier

Tim G. Frazier
Assistant Professor, Department of Geography
University of Idaho, McClure Hall 405B Moscow, Idaho 83844-3021, USA


Dr. Tim G. Frazier has been a leading researcher in coastal vulnerability, community resilience enhancement, and sea level rise work focusing much of his research on techniques to determine vulnerability to Hurricanes and Tsunamis and ways to enhance community resilience to such coastal hazards. Currently, he is pursuing research that seeks to enhance society’s ability to plan for and respond to contemporary natural hazards and impacts associated with future climate change. At times he has focused on physical aspects such as GIS based climate change and hazards modeling often coupled with stakeholder interaction to examine issues, opportunities, and constraints relating to vulnerability reduction and resilience enhancement. Other times he has sought to identify the type of subdivision design, e.g., grid or curvilinear, that most effectively enhances community evacuation potential. To date, the work Dr. Frazier has undertaken and research that he plans for the future focuses on natural hazards, climate change, and urban sustainability.

Research Interest

Coastal hazards with a primary focus on hurricanes and tsunamis
Climate change and climate change impacts
Adaptive capacity
Natural hazards
Hazard mitigation and adaptation
Resilience enhancement through planning