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Clinical Pediatrics: Open Access
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Thi Tar

Thi Tar

Thi Tar
University of Medicine, Mandalay, Myanmar


I was born on 1st April 1959, in Sagaing, Myanmar. My parents are teachers. I attended Institute of Medicine Mandalay in 1975, graduated in 1982 and joined government service in 1987. My husband is a high school teacher. I have 4 children and my first child, a lovely son, died at 2 months of age due to severe pneumonia. Since then I really come to understand the sufferings of mothers whose child is sick or succumbed to illness. Naturally I decided to become a pediatrician. In 1995, I finished M.Med.Sc(Paediatrics) and I got MRCP(UK) in 1998. I worked as SHO for 2 years in UK, 1 year in general pediatrics in Law Hospital and 1 year in neonatal unit of Bellshill Maternity Hospital in Scotland. I got my Diploma in Medical Education from my alma mater in 2012. I finished my Doctorate course in 2013 and I got FRCP(Edin) in the same year. Working in Children's Hospital affiliated to University of Medicine Mandalay, as a part of post graduate training, I have to supervise their thesis and research papers. I also have to review thesis and dissertations submitted from other Medical Universities of Myanmar.

My dissertation for master degree is devoted to breast feeding and that for doctoral degree is obesity among children.

Research Interest

 Neonatology, Endocrinology and infectious diseases.