Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology

Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology
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Suresh V Kuchipudi

Suresh V Kuchipudi

Suresh V Kuchipudi
School of Veterinary Medicine and Science
The University of Nottingham, UK


Dr. Kuchipudi obtained a bachelors degree in veterinary medicine and a masters degree in veterinary Microbioogy from India. Dr. Kuchipudi was awarded PhD from the University of Glasgow, UK for his work ‘Studies on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of innate host susceptibility and resistance to influenza A viruses in chicken and ducks’. Dr. Kuchipudi has several years of clinical, teaching and research experience.

Research Interest

Research interests of Dr. Kuchipudi are centred on the study of virus- host interactions with a special focus on emerging zoonotic viral diseases .One of the current major research interests is in understanding the molecular basis of innate host resistance and susceptibility to avian influenza viruses.

Area of expertise: Molecular virology and immunology