Cloning  & Transgenesis

Cloning & Transgenesis
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Shu Ming Zou

Shu Ming Zou

Shu Ming Zou
Shanghai Ocean University, China


Prof. Shu-Ming Zou  received his PhD in Shanghai Ocean University during the period  of 2001-2004. Currently,  he  is working as Professor in Shanghai Ocean University. He  has authored several  research articles

Research Interest

DNA transposons proved to be remarkably useful as transgenic vectors as well as insertional mutagens in certain vertebrate species. Some of the main characteristics of a desirable transposon vector are: ease of use, relatively wide host-range, little size or sequence limitations, efficient chromosomal integration, and stable maintenance of faithful transgene expression throughout multiple generations of transgenic cells and organisms. Our research aims to develop highly active transposon system for transgenesis and mutagenesis, as well as to understand how transposable elements shape genome function and evolution.