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Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology
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Sanjay Rathod

Sanjay Rathod

Sanjay Rathod, Research Scientist
Research Scientist, Department of Immunology, University of Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh, United States


Sanjay Rathod completed his the National Institute of Virology, Pune. He worked for Aurigene Discovery Technologies Limited, Bangalore (India),to develop immune-checkpoint and ROR-γt inhibitors to treat cancer/autoimmune diseases before joining the Fernandez labat the University of Pittsburgh as anInternational Postdoctoral Associate. His projects involve elucidating the mechanism of asparaginase-induced immune responses, which are among the main drugs used for treatingpediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemiaandidentifying therapeutic approachesto mitigating the immune response restoring drug efficacy. He alsodetermined the NFATC2 transcription factor's rolein asparaginase immune responsesanddeveloping selective inhibitors of this drug target could improve asparaginase therapy in ALL.He has also developed anovel flow cytometry-based assay and validated that simultaneously measures adalimumab and anti-adalimumab antibody concentrations, overcoming many of the interference factors that are limitations of conventional assays, including anti-Fc and anti-hinge antibodies.He has developed a mouse model to study asparaginase adverse reactions(immunotoxicity/hepatotoxicity).Currently, Dr. Rathod's elucidating by usingexperimental/computationalsystemsapproachestostudyantigen/epitopediscoveryinautoimmunedisorder,cancer,andSARS-CoV2infection.Hewasalso looking at the host responses in COVID-19.Thisworkhasdirectclinicalrelevanceasitcanuncoverimportanttargetsofautoimmunediseases,cancer,andviralinfection,especiallySARS-CoV2.