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Salmah Ismail

Salmah Ismail

Salmah Ismail
Institute of Biological Sciences
University of Malaya, Malaysia


Salmah Ismail completed her undergraduate studies in Microbiology (1989), specialized in Bacteriology for MSc (1997) and sub-specialized in Molecular Bacteriology for PhD (2000) at Genetics & Cell Biology Department in Faculty of Science of University Malaya. She started her carrier in 14th September 2000 as a lecturer at Biomedical Science Program under Faculty of Medicine, before promoted to Senior lecturer in 2006 until 2011. During the tenure she has coordinated and taught undergraduate topics in Basic Lab Techniques, Cell Biology and Critical Thinking & Communication Skills. She was promoted to Associate Professor in Jan 2012 by Institute of Biological Sciences (ISB) in Science Faculty of University Malaya. With research expertise, extensive laboratory experiences and newly discovery bacterial species of Bacillus salmalaya strain 139SI, she has developed an industrial Biotechnology model for future implementation strategy with focus on simple low-cost innovation technology in product commercialization for sustainable agriculture, environmental, petroleum and medicine. In recent years (2012 until present), she has succeed breakthrough biotechnological and economical innovation of a multifunctional bioorganic product (Biofertilizer, Biocontrol Disease and Bioremediation). She has linked actively with nurseries, onsite/field trials and commercial farms in plantation, poultry, fish/prawn ponds, waste management center and industrial experts, and also collaborated with researchers in several other disciplines, particularly in toxicology and bioinformatics. Currently, she has been appointed as Consultant to Agro Premier Biotech (APB) Company by University of Malaya Consultancy Unit (UMCU/UPUM) and Industrial Liasson Officer (ILO) by Science Faculty of University Malaya. Salmah has served 92 publications (50 ISI-Cited, 24 Scorpus-Cited, 17 Academic Journals, 1 Monograph), more than 78 conferences, 54 consultancy projects (32 nationally and 22 internationally), more than 26 Awards, 14 research grants (PI), and 38 supervisions postgrad students included 10 completed PhDs & 8 completed MSc). She currently serves the Departmental Postgrad Committee Member, and Editorial Board Members of Science and Education Centre of North America (SECNA), Scholar s Advances in Animal & Veterinary Research (SAAVR), J of Anim & Vet Adv (JAVA) and, International Journal of Molecular Medicine and Advance Sciences (IJMMAS). Her expertise in Bacteriology has led her to publish the latest article in the PLoS ONE 10(4) ‘Biotechnological Potential of Bacillus salmalaya 139SI: A Novel Strain for Remediating Water Polluted with Crude Oil Waste’ (2015).

Research Interest

Microbiology, Molecular Bacteriology, Genetics & Cell Biology