Journal of Applied Pharmacy

Journal of Applied Pharmacy
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ISSN: 1920-4159

Riham Mohamed Elshafie

Riham Mohamed Elshafie

Riham Mohamed Elshafie
Manager of Drug Information Center / ASUSH
Taibah University / Almadinah Almunawarah / KSA, Ain Shams University / Cairo / Egypt, Egypt


Riham M. Elshafie is a specialty in Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy, that focuses on therapeutics, patient education and drug related aspects. she is the founder of the patient education program in ASUSH since 2008; that is still having a great impact on patients’ awareness; especially hepatitis C virus.

Riham M.Elshafie is a certified trainer from the American University in Cairo. She established the Training & Skills development center in the college for improving students’ skills to cope with labor market. She is the supervisor of the academic advising program in the faculty of pharmacy. She is interested in community health care improvement through public events.

Riham shared in “Canada World Youth” program for 6 months as an Egyptian representative. She worked there in so many voluntary work for charity programs.

Research Interest

Applied Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacoeconomic analysis, Role of Pharmacist, Applied Pharmacy Services, Quality Use of Medicines