Journal of Glycomics & Lipidomics

Journal of Glycomics & Lipidomics
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Nikolaus Gassler

Nikolaus Gassler

Nikolaus Gassler, PhD
Professor, Institute of Pathology
Aachen University of Technology, Germany


Nikolaus Gassler is Professor for Pathology in the Institute of Pathology at the RWTH Aachen University Germany He earned his MD at the University Leipzig and his MA at the FernUniversity Hagen Currently he is the leader of the research area Molecular and Ultrastructural Pathology and head senior physician in the Institute of Pathology at the RWTH Aachen He has published a high number of original work reviews and book chapters He has been teaching experience of more than twenty years He is a fellow of the International Academy of Pathology and served as a reviewer of peerreviewed journals in the area of gastrointestinal cell biology and Lipidomics.

Research Interest

Lipidomics approach for studying the regulation of long-chain-CoA thioesters under control of respective enzymes like acyl-CoA synthetases (ACSLs) in epithelial cells of gut and liver; Lipid based signaling and mechanisms of lipoapoptosis.