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Journal of Pollution Effects & Control
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Nayef Al Mutairi

Nayef Al Mutairi

Nayef Al Mutairi
Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
Kuwait University, Kuwait


Dr. Nayef Al-Mutairi was employed as an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at Kuwait University, and is the founder and current Director of the Environmental Engineering Program. Dr Nayef received his B.S. degree from Kuwait University and his M.S. and Ph.D. from University of Colorado at Boulder in 1997 in Environmental Engineering. In the year of 2001 and 2002, he was a Visiting Chair at the Arab Open University (Environmental Science Department).
Dr. Al-Mutairi is a member of many professional societies including the American Water Works Association, Association of Environmental Engineering Professors, American Society of Civil Engineers, International Association of Water Quality and the Water Environment Federation. He was awarded the Kuwaiti Research Awards in 2011. In 2004, Dr Al-Mutairi Environmental Engineering Research Program was elected by the Gulf Cooperation Council for contributions to the practice of advanced technologies for the treatment and reuse of polluted water. Dr. Al-Mutairi has over 18 years of experience on a broad range of environmental planning and design projects. He has served as project supervisor for wastewater treatment plant and feasibility studies for major wastewater treatment plant in UAE and Kuwait. He also has served as project engineer for permitting and design of wastewater treatment when he was a civil engineer with the ministry of public work. He has also prepared operation and maintenance manuals for water and wastewater treatment plants and has provided field operations assistance at water, wastewater and solid waste management facilities.
Dr. Al-Mutairi works as a consultant on practical water reuse problems and on water reuse related research projects. He has worked as a consultant on research projects for Al-Rawabi Dairy Company, LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE. He has also worked on numerous other consulting projects for Kuwait Environmental Protection Agency, Equate Petrochemical and other related projects.

Research Interest

His professional interests are primarily in water reuse, biological treatment processes and combined biological/adsorptive systems. He has focused his work on natural treatment systems and water reuse for the last ten years.