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Journal of Hematology & Thromboembolic Diseases
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Mark Guthridge

Mark Guthridge

Mark Guthridge
Department of Clinical Haematology
Monash University, Australian Centre for Blood Diseases (ACBD), Australia


Dr. Mark Guthridge completed his Ph.D studies at Monash University after which he took up a postdoctoral position at New York University Medical Centre as a Darland Fellow. He returned to the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science, Adelaide Australia in 1998 and was awarded a Peter Nelson Leukaemia Research Fellowship to examine molecular approaches for the therapeutic targeting of acute myeloid leukemic (AML) cells. In 2011 Dr. Guthridge moved his laboratory to the Division of Blood Cancers at the Australian Centre for Blood Diseases (ACBD) located on the Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct (AMREP) in Melbourne.

Since 2000, his lab has received continual funding from International (NIH, AICR), National (NH&MRC, LFA) and State agencies (Cancer Council of SA).  His work has been published in leading journals including Cell, Molecular Cell, Cell Stem Cell and EMBO J as well as specialist cancer/hemopoietic journals such as Blood, Leukemia and Cancer Research. Dr. Guthridge regularly serves of NH&MRC GRPs and is co-convenor of the New Directions in Leukaemia Research (NDLR) conference held biennially on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Research Interest

Dr. Guthridge’s research focuses on the mechanisms by which cancer cells co-opt and coerce intracellular signalling pathways to promote deregulated cell survival, proliferation and growth. Through the molecular analysis of intracellular signalling pathways, Dr. Guthridge’s laboratory seeks to identify new therapeutic targets in leukaemia.