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Cloning & Transgenesis
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Man Jiang Xie

Man Jiang Xie

Man Jiang Xie
Professor, Department of Aerospace
The Fourth Military Medical University, China


Man-Jiang Xie is currently an associated professor in Department of Aerospace, Fourth Military Medical University, China. Man-Jiang Xie obtained his first degree in Medicine (1999), MSc in Physiology (2002) and M.D & Ph.D in Aviation Medicine and Aerospace Physiology (2005) in China. From 2006 to 2007, Man-Jiang Xie started his post-doctoral training on gene cloning and mutation in Oxford Centre for Gene Function, Oxford University, UK.

Research Interest

Currently, Man-Jiang’s research focused on the role of K+ and Ca2+ channels in vascular remodeling. In particular, the work aims to address the molecular mechanisms of ion channel in regulating vascular smooth muscle cell apoptosis or proliferation. In the long term, outcomes from this work could aid therapeutic drug design against ion channel-related that involve in vascular diseases.