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Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology
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M Lucrecia Alvarez

M Lucrecia Alvarez

M Lucrecia Alvarez
Diabetes Cardiovascular and Metabolic Unit
Translational Genomics Research Institute, (TGen), USA


Dr. M Lucrecia Alvarez is a scientist at the Diabetes Cardiovascular and Metabolic Unit in the Translational Genomics Research Institute TGen Phoenix, Arizona and Adjunct Associate Professor at the School of Kinesiology and Physiatry at Universidad Abierta Interamericana Rosario Argentina. In 2000 Dr. Alvarez received a PhD in Molecular Biology from Universidad Nacional de Rosario Argentina. She received part of her PhD training at the Long Ashton Research Station Bristol University England In 2001. she obtained the Science and Technology Award for Outstanding Research from the Argentinean National Council of Congressmen for the development of transgenic wheat with an improved breadmaking quality In 2002. Dr. Alvarez joined Dr. Walmsleys research team at Arizona State University ASU Tempe Arizona USA to work on the development of various plantmade vaccines In 2003. Dr. Alvarez joined Dr. Guy Cardineaus laboratory and developed an oral plantmade vaccine in tomato targeted against pneumonic and bubonic plague. Dr. Alvarez also worked on different strategies to increase recombinant protein accumulation in transgenic plants including reversion of RNA silencing and storage in protein bodies derived from Zera In 2008 Dr. Alvarez joined TGen and is currently working on the functional characterization of genes associated with diabetic nephropathy.

Research Interest

Plant Molecular Biology
Use of transgenic plants for therapeutic or industrial applications
Vaccine development and immunology
Plant-derived vaccines
Diabetes and its complications
Gene silencing
Functional characterization and therapeutic uses of microRNAs