Cloning  & Transgenesis

Cloning & Transgenesis
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Linjie Wang

Linjie Wang

Linjie Wang
Professor, Institute of Animal Genetics and Breeding
Sichuan Agricultural University, China


Dr. Wang received Ph.D in Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction, from Huazhong Agricultural University, P.R. China. He is currently an associate professor in the Institute of Animal Genetics and Breeding at Sichuan Agricultural University, P.R. China. Dr. Wang has published 20 peer-viewed articles, including Journal of Animal Science, Meat Science, PLoS ONE and Animal Biotechnology.

Research Interest

Dr. Wang’s areas of research are on the molecular and cellular basis of swine economic traits using proteomics, genomic and genetic technique, as well as identification and function studies of genes controlling muscle hypertrophy, meat quality, and reproductive traits of swine.