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Layla Jasim Abbas

Layla Jasim Abbas

Layla Jasim Abbas, BSc. in chemistry (1999) from
Assistance Professor, Physical-Organic Chemistry
University of Basrah, Iraq


BSc. in chemistry (1999) from Basrah University, and M.Sc. in chemistry (2002) from Basrah University. Graduation average (grades): BSc. = 69%, and MSc. =76 % Thesis title: [The active ionic transport for some alkali and transition metals through liquid membrane]. PhD. Degree from the University of Sheffield/United Kingdom (2019) under Prof. Nick Williams supervision (2015-2019), thesis title: Recognition, Reactivity and Transport with Biomimetic Zinc ComplexesI worked in Basrah University, Pharmaceutical Chemistry department, pharmacy college, and I was lecturer to organic chemistry and physical pharmacy subjects, I was teaching, from 2003 to 2014

Research Interest
  1. Ability of some Schiff base ligands to specific cation-transport through three phases system. (J. Basra Researches, Vol.32.Part.3.96-104(2006)
  2. Preparation and spectral studies for some chelate complexes of Praseodymium. (Basra Journal of Science (C), Vol.25(1),1-10, 2007
  3. Synthesis and characterized of polymeric crown ether for separation uranyl and zinc ions. (Iraqi J. Polymers, Vol.14, No.4,15-26, 2008
  4. Preliminary biochemical study for three extracts of Lyceum Sp. Plant. (Journal Thi-Qar Sci., Vol1(4), 2009
  5. The chemical composition and antibacterial activity of Suaeda sp. Plant aqueous and alcoholic extracts. (Basrah J.Agric.Sci.,22(2), 2009
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