Mass Spectrometry & Purification Techniques

Mass Spectrometry & Purification Techniques
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ISSN: 2469-9861

Lan Dai

Lan Dai
Analytical Development and Quality Control
University of Michigan, Genentech, USA


Lan Dai is having ten years of research experience in investigating the application of liquid chromatography (LC) and mass spectrometry (MS) in proteomics and biologics characterization. Current critical role in the Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (CMC) field to support commercial manufacturing of Antibody-drug conjugates (T-DM1/Kadcyla®) and other pipeline Biotherapeutics.

Research Interest

Quantitative proteomic analysis by label-free, isotope labeling and multiple reaction monitoring to identify disease biomarkers and infer signaling pathways. Comprehensive analytic characterization of therapeutic mAb and antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), including identification of size/charge/sequence/PTM variants and detection of process and product-specific impurities to develop and support manufacturing process of protein therapeutics.