Journal of Molecular Imaging & Dynamics

Journal of Molecular Imaging & Dynamics
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ISSN: 2155-9937

Hisataka Kobayashi

Hisataka Kobayashi

Hisataka Kobayashi, PhD
National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health


Dr Hisataka Kobayashi is the chief scientist in the Molecular Imaging Program at the National Cancer Institute/ NIH in Bethesda MD Dr Kobayashi is awarded MD and PhD Immunology/Medicine from the Kyoto University in Japan His interest is in developing the novel molecular imaging agents and technologies especially for targeting cancers He has published over 200 scientific articles in the clinical and preclinical biomedical imaging field in these 20 years He was working on a program committee of Society of Nuclear Medicine International Society of Magnetic Resonance Imaging World Molecular Imaging Congress and SPIE etc He was working on an editorial board of 3 scientific journals and a reviewer of numerous journal including Nature Medicine Nature Biotechnology Cancer Research Chemical Reviews etc.

Research Interest

1).Vasculogenesis, lymphangiogenesis, Permeability of intratumor vessels.
2). Development and improvement of the molecular-targeting delivery using antibody/cytokine to develop the methods for cancer diagnosis and therapy, especially with MRI contrast agents, multi-step delivery system of therapeutic agents, etc using nano-technology.
3). The antisense/siRNA oligonucleotides or gene targeting delivery/therapy, for cancer.
4). Chemical and biochemical synthesis and modification (glycolation, succinilation, PEG-lation, etc.) of new drugs including MRI or optical contrast agents.5. Development of new in vivo imaging technology using photo-dynamics and optical imaging.