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Enzyme Engineering
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Eugenio Vilanova

Eugenio Vilanova

Eugenio Vilanova
Professor, Department of Toxicology
University Miguel Hernandez, Spain


Eugenio Vilanova is working as Professor of Toxicology in University Miguel Hernandez. He is working as Director for Institute of Bioengineering. He has successfully completed his Administrative responsibilities as Honorary President of Spanish Association of Toxicology (1995-2001), Honorary Member of Eurotox since 2007, Executive Committee member (1992-1998). President of International Congress of Toxicology(2011). He is serving as an editorial member of several reputed journals like Toxicology Letter, Archives of Toxicology, ICRN Toxicology and reviewers of other journals. He has peer reviewed about 180 journals(74 full articles), books and their chapters. 18 PhD thesis were also directedn by him. Has Participated in 75 international Congresses (140 communications).

Research Interest

Eugenio Vilanova is interested in enzymes, interacting with xenobiotics for biotransformation and bioreactors, neurotoxicology, neurodevelopmental toxicology and gene biomarkers of cell differentiation for invitro embryotoxicity. He is also interested in monitoring and biomonitoring occupational exposure (solvents, plasticizers, metals, plasticides).