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Emanuele Pelosi

Emanuele Pelosi

Emanuele Pelosi
Professor, NIH Biomedical Research Center, National Institute on Aging, IRP Laboratory of Genetics


Dr. Pelosi received his PhD in Medical Biotechnology from University of Bologna, Italy in 2006. He joined the Laboratory of Genetics – Human Genetics Section – at NIA/NIH in Baltimore as a postdoctoral Visiting Fellow under the direction of Dr. Schlessinger. He finished his postdoctoral appointment in 2011, and then accepted a position as Research Fellow in the Laboratory of Genetics. He received the “Nathan Shock” award in 2008 from the NIA/NIH, and the “Premio Cattaneo” award for young scientists in Italy in 2009.

Research Interest

Dr. Pelosi research efforts have focused on the genetic bases of sex-determination, ovarian development, premature ovarian failure (POF), and menopause using several animal models. He is also actively involved with a population-based study focusing on genetic factors determining age of menarche and menopause. Additional studies also seek to determine the role of specific genes in the hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis involved with POF and menopause, and the characterization of these genes and their partners outside the ovarian function