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Drug Designing: Open Access
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Dr. Amgad Rabie

Dr. Amgad Rabie

Dr. Amgad Rabie
Executive Editor
Department of Clinical Research
Agassiz-Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, Egypt


Dr. Amgad Rabie is presently Head of Clinical Research Department at Dikernis General Hospital, Egypt and Clinical Research Associate, Harvard Medical School, Agassiz-Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. He is Principal Official Organic Chemistry Education Volunteer at ACS. Amgad Rabie had his Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Organic (Medicinal) Chemistry (Faculty ofPharmacy) in the year 2017. Dr. Amgad Rabie is the first Egyptian & Arab to be Nominated as The New Honorable President of The Most Prestigious International Scientific Research Society & University "Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER)" (A World Association of Academics and Researchers). He was discovered many new medicines and have many discoveries patents. He is the editor-in-chief & the chairman of the peer-reviewing committee of the famous journal in biotechnology and bioengineering worldwide, International Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering, USA & Europe. He is the honorable editor-in-chief & executive editor of the famous & Prestigious journal in Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry, International Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry & Molecular Biology.

Research Interest

Dr. Amgad Rabie's is skilled in Pharmaceutical Industry, Drug Discovery and Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry(Medicinal Chemistry) and focusing mainly on design, synthesis, discovery, invention, characterization, molecular modeling, biological screening & evaluation of new promising drugs.