Journal of Infectious Diseases & Preventive Medicine

Journal of Infectious Diseases & Preventive Medicine
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Dianqing Sun

Dianqing Sun

Dianqing Sun, PhD, NIH


Dr. Dianqing Sun is an Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of Hawaii at Hilo College of Pharmacy. Before joining UH-Hilo, Dr. Sun was a Research Associate in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the College of Pharmacy at University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Dr. Sun received his Ph. D. from the University of Memphis in Organic Chemistry, and received his postdoctoral training in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Tennessee. He is a member of the American Chemical Society (Organic and Medicinal Chemistry Divisions) and American Society for Microbiology. Research in his laboratory focuses on the discovery and development of novel antitubercular and antibacterial agents, and anticancer and cancer chemopreventive agents, using classical organic synthesis and highthroughput chemistry approach, followed by traditional medicinal chemistry optimization of the emerging lead compounds. His research programs are currently funded by the National Institutes of Health and Hawaii Community Foundation.

Research Interest

Antitubercular and antibacterial drug discovery; Development of anticancer and cancer chemopreventive agents