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Deepak Kalaskar

Deepak Kalaskar

Deepak Kalaskar
Dept of Surgery & Interventional Science
University of London, UK


Dr Deepak Kalaskar has a multidisciplinary background in engineering, chemistry and biology. He has special interests in surface coating technologies. He worked for 1 year after completion of Bachelor’s degree in R&D with BASF coatings Pvt Ltd. Due to his interests in biological coatings; he pursued a funded PhD at University of Manchester, UK in Amino acids modification of cellulose fibres and their effect on cellular behaviour. Following his PhD, he worked at various universities in UK and Belgium on number of developmental research projects which include high throughput culture for embryonic stem cells, Nanomaterials coatings for orthopaedic implants, protein nanotubes for drug delivery applications, 3D printing of cells using inject printing and osteochondral plug for knee repair.
Currently, Dr Kalaskar heads Msc course in Burns, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery at University College London (UCL) and actively involved in research on nanotechnology and tissue engineering solutions for artificial organs such as intracranial Stents, breast Implants, synthetic nose, ear, skin and bone tissue engineering.

Research Interest

Surface modification of biological implants
Surface characterisation using XPS, ToF-SIMS
Surface coatings
Nanoscale imaging
Proteins and cell interaction with materials
Nanomaterials for healthcare applications
Skin & bone Tissue engineering
Intracranial stents
Stem cells and their applications in Surgery