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Surgical procedure is a medical strong point that uses operative guide and instrumental strategies on someone to analyze or deal with a pathological circumstance including a sickness or damage, to help enhance physical feature or look or to restore unwanted ruptured areas. 

 The act of acting surgical procedure can be called a surgery, operation, or absolutely "surgical procedure". on this context, the verb "function" approach to carry out surgery. The adjective surgical method concerning surgery, e.g. surgical devices or surgical nurse. The man or woman or subject on which the surgical procedure is done can be someone or an animal. A health care provider is someone who practices surgical procedure and a physician's assistant is a person who practices surgical assistance. A surgical team is made up of health care provider, healthcare professional's assistant, anesthetist, circulating nurse and surgical technologist. surgical treatment commonly spans mins to hours, however it's far generally no longer an ongoing or periodic form of treatment. The time period "surgery" also can talk to the region wherein surgical operation is performed, or, in British English, truly the workplace of a health practitioner, dentist, or veterinarian. 

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