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Journal of Yoga & Physical Therapy
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Amy E Beddoe

Amy E Beddoe

Amy E Beddoe
School of Nursing
Walden University, USA


Dr. Beddoe has a clinical background of 30 years in maternal-child health. Her work includes the development and implementation of innovative, bilingual, and multicultural programs for pregnant and postpartum women and infants as well as serving as hospital educator for both staff and patients. Dr. Beddoe entered academia as an educator in 2000 and joined Walden’s School of Nursing in 2008. She has mentored masters’ students in nursing education and teaches courses in educational theory, evidence-based research, nursing informatics, case management, and public health. She served as content expert in maternity nursing for the San Jose State University School of Nursing. Dr. Beddoe is widely published in the EBSCO Nurse Reference Center and has a number of published, peer-reviewed research reports on mindfulness-based interventions.

Research Interest

Public health