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Amgad Rabie

Amgad Rabie

Amgad Rabie
Head of Drug Discovery & Senior Scientist, Clinical Research Department
Head of the first official Drug Discovery & Clinical Research Unit in Egypt, Egypt


Dr. Amgad Mohammed Rabie Hamed Fouda has completed his MSc and Postgraduate studies in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences at the age of 30 years from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mansoura University, Egypt. He is one of the most famous and reputed Egyptian and Arab pharmacists, researchers and scientists. His new researches focused on the synthesis, discovery, and development of new drugs and medicines for the most resistant and untreated human diseases. He is the head of pharmacists at the Dikernis General Hospital (Mansoura, Egypt), a premier governmental hospital in Egypt. He has published more than 25 papers in very reputed journals and serving as an Editorial Board Member of great repute. 

Research Interest

Pharmacovigilance, Pharmaceutical Industry, Clinical Research, Organic Chemistry, Drug Design, Drug Discovery, synthesis, discovery, invention, characterization, molecular modeling, biological screening & evaluation of new promising drugs, especially, for the challenging resistant diseases such as the neurodegenerative diseases & disorders