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Adam Hartstone-Rose

Adam Hartstone-Rose

Adam Hartstone-Rose
Associate Professor, Cell Biology & Anatomy
The Medical University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA


Dr. Hartstone-Rose teaches medical gross anatomy as an Associate Professor of Cell Biology and Anatomy at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. He is a comparative anatomist specializing in primate and carnivoran masticatory anatomy and behavior. Much of his research focuses on carnivoran carcass processing abilities – studying where species fall on a continuum from flesh eating to bone crushing – with the aim at assessing the role that carnivores played in human evolution. Along these lines, much of his research stems from an assessment of the hominin scavenging niche from the perspective of carnivoran carcass processing abilities. This work involves assessment of modern species behavior, soft tissue anatomy, analyses of skulls and teeth and examination of extinct species. To conduct this research, Dr. Hartstone-Rose regularly travels to South Africa. He also conducts research on the feeding adaptations of modern and extinct lemurs in American collections and in Madagascar.

Research Interest

Vertebrate Paleontology
Functional Anatomy
Primate Paleontology & Morphology
Primate Biology
Primate Ecology