Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
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Abdel Nasser Badawi Ibrahim Singab

Abdel Nasser Badawi Ibrahim Singab

Abdel Nasser Badawi Ibrahim Singab
Executive Editor
Professor, Department of Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry
Ain Shams University, Egypt


Abdel Nasser Badawi Ibrahim Singab, Professor, Department of Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry, Ain Shams University, Egypt

Research Interest

Plants used for medicine, Isolation and structural elucidation of new flavonoids, iridals, saponins, sesquiterpenes, alkaloids and coumarins etc, from their natural sources (medicinal plants &marine organisms) by using sophisticated techniques as well as study of volatile oils of aromatic plants.
Drug discovery: Anti-tumor, Anti-platelet aggregations, Anti-inflammatory agents, anti-diabetic, molluscicidal and hepatoprotective agents from natural products.
Analysis and standardization of herbal  drugs
Teaching Medicinal Plants, Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry, Quality Control for Herbal Medicine for undergraduate students
Teaching Pathways of Biosynthesis of Natural Products as well as Structural Elucidation for postgraduate students
Sophisticated techniques for isolation of natural products (marine &plants).
Botanical study of medicinal aromatic plants, microscopical and morphological.