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Zouheir Sekkat

The University Mohammed V, Rabat, Morocco

  • Short Communication   
    Photo-responsive Polymers: Azo dye containing polymers
    Author(s): Zouheir Sekkat

    Azo dyes containing materials have been studied intensively over the past decades owing to the ability of the dyes to change shape from an elongated to a more globular form; i.e. ability to isomerize upon light absorption; a photo-reaction which brings about a wealth of applications including switching, and data storage and holography, and gratings, and nonlinear optical effects, and tweezing, and actuation and photomechanics, and micro-nanomachines, and so on. Books and reviews summarize the field. In azo-polymers, photoisomerization of the azo dyes enhances molecular mobility below the polymer’s glass transition temperature (Tg); a phenomenon which is at the origin of photo-assisted poling and surface relief gratings. Photo-enhanced molecular mobility below Tg, with implication of controlling materials mechanical properties, has received considerable interest both from fundame.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2471-2698.20.5.154

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