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Zhaosheng Jin

Department of Anesthesiology, Stony Brook University Health Science Center, Stony Brook, USA

  • Review   
    Oliceridine from Pharmacology to Clinical Application
    Author(s): Patrick Diamond, Kathleen Cervo, Zhaosheng Jin, Abhishek K Gupta and Sergio D Bergese*

    Pain is a common adverse event after surgery. The utilization of non-opioid analgesia and regional anesthesia techniques has reduced perioperative opioid usage considerably. In patients with uncontrolled pain, however, opioids remain the most frequently used rescue analgesic. It is well known that opioids are associated with risks of adverse events, such as nausea/vomiting, respiratory depression, sedation and addiction. Oliceridine is a novel opioid receptor agonist with dissimilar pharmacodynamics compared to conventional opioids, and is thought to be associated with a more favorable side effect profile. In this review, the authors discuss the pharmacology of oliceridine, the preclinical and clinical evidence for its use, as well as the potential role of oliceridine in the existing framework of perioperative pain management... View More»

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