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Westwood V Nishinomori

Marine Biology Institute, Seafoam Island, Kanto, Japan

  • Review Article   
    Proteomic Analysis of Autotomy and Regeneration in the Slowpoke Tails
    Author(s): Westwood V Nishinomori and Mattan Schlomi*

    Stultustardi yadon lives in intertidal zones and seashores of the temperate to subtropical Pacific and Squatic oceans[1]. Salamander and otter-like in morphology, this tetrapod’s genome has been partially sequenced[2], with most research focusing on their brain and neural molecular biology. Proteomic and histological investigations of the cerebral cortex have been instrumental in understanding the species’ notorious cognitive deficiencies compared to related organisms, including severe retrograde and anterograde amnesia, confusion, bradykinesia, ataxia, emotive and latent telepathy, hypersomnia, insensitivity to pain, and absence seizures[3]; conditions which cause the species to have a near constant state of torpor and earned it the English common name of “Slowpoke” as a poor translation of the Japanese Hagureta hito. The species has thus been tested, albeit u.. Read More»

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